Cosmetic Liposuction

Abdominal wall and body fat intake (liposuction)

Abdominal cosmetic liposuction, one of the most common methods among all cosmetic processes, is a technique used to rescan the body by permanently removing fat deposits from the abdominal region. The tendency to accumulate fat in the wife can be hereditary, and this fat mass is particularly resistant to diet and exercise.
In the majority of liposuction candidates, there is no definite judgment that the loss of unwanted weight is lost without seeing a more flat abdominal structure. The overall body ratios may be unstable or they can have oily tissue regions that cause the abdomen to only protrude. In these cases, the body with the degreasing procedure (liposuction) can be transformed into a more subtle and balanced shape than that of the fat density, a flatter abdomen, in the middle part.

Cosmetic Liposuction

Body parts of Liposuction process:

Abdominal area,
Waist zones,
Back Zone
In the thigh,
Around the knee cap,
The oil depots in the mentioned regions are sometimes hereditary and often create visual and functional problems when they do not respond to diet or exercise. The Liposuction procedure is usually the only way to reduce these fat deposits. Liposuction is a method that is referred to at any age, but due to the higher elasticity of the skin at a young age, the degreasing preference will facilitate a smoother appearance after the procedure. When the skin is not flexible, some age-old candidates may not be able to reunite under appropriate conditions and skin stretching aesthetic surgery may also be necessary.

The experience and technical skills of aesthetic and cosmetic surgeons are able to provide excellent results to our liposuction candidates at the Estrella Aesthetic Center. For more than 14 years, male and female candidates have preferred the “Liposuction aesthetic procedure” and have been advised by the experienced staff of the Estrella Aesthetic Center to reduce the pouch-looking accumulation points of unwanted fats in their bodies. They benefit.



Cosmetic Liposuction

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