Weight Loss Diet

Rule 1: avoid “white ” carbohydrates

Avoid any white carbohydrates. Bread, rice, cereals, potatoes, pasta, and panel fried foods are prohibited. However, the length of an exercise that lasts for at least 20 minutes can be eaten after 1.5 hours. But if you don’t eat anything white, the weight loss diet will be more reliable.

Rule 2: Eat again and again from the same few meals

The most successful diauthorizers place the targets over and over again from the same few meals, whether they are muscle or fat loss. Swap and mix each of the following three groups:

Egg whites with a whole egg to be tasty
Organic beef pork with chicken breast or Butu weed

Lentils black beans Pinto beans

Spinach asparagus peas Mixed vegetables

Select three or four meals and repeat them. In almost all restaurants you can eat salads or vegetables instead of french fries or potatoes.

Some athletes eat 6-8 meals to avoid fat intake. Those who think this is objectionable can eat 4 meals a day:


13:00 – Lunch

17:00-second lunch

17:30-19:00-sport training


00:00-a glass of wine and Discovery Channel before bedtime

Rule 3: Do not drink calories

Consume too much water and sugar-free iced tea, tea, plain soda, coffee (without cream), or other calorie-free drinks. Do not drink milk, regular carbonated beverages or juice.

Rule 4: Take a day break

I recommend Saturday as a day. I’m allowed to eat what I want on Saturdays, and I’m evaluating it with ice cream, Snickers, a nice meal. Eat whatever you want.

Weight Loss Diet

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